Research Projects

Inclusive, Accessible, Archaeology. Consultant to the Project: Professor Keith Bright

This project, which was completed in 2008 addressed the dual issues of disability and transferable skills in… […] Read more

Introducing Assistive Technology into the existing homes of older people (The REKI Project)

Many older people wish to remain independent and continue living in their existing homes for as long as… […] Read more

Inclusive Transport Environments: Colour Design and Lighting in Inter-modal Transport Environments

This study addressed the combined issues of lighting and colour design in wayfinding. Visually impaired… […] Read more

Emergency lighting, escape route lighting and wayfinding in clear environments

Blind or partially sighted people find it very difficult to access many public buildings, which suggests… […] Read more

Emergency lighting, escape route lighting and wayfinding in smoke filled environments

This research project has determined the performance in a smoky interior of normally sighted and visually… […] Read more

Lighting for visually impaired people in a non-uniformly lit office environment

In recent years there have been an increasing number of disabled and sensory impaired people in the work… […] Read more

Ariadne - Access, Information and Navigation Support in the Labyrinth of Large Buildings

The ARIADNE project, funded by the EU, addressed the access and navigation problems experienced by people… […] Read more

Deafness, design and communication in the built environment

Deaf and hard of hearing people know that not all buildings are the same when it comes to communication. The… […] Read more

Colour and luminance contrast and visual impairment – a design guide for building refurbishment

When selecting colours, designers and managers of buildings can have a major impact on the ability of… […] Read more

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