Second meeting of Singapore’s International Panel of Experts on Universal Design


In 2009 the Building Construction Authority (BCA) in Singapore invited Keith Bright to join an International Panel of Experts (IPEUD) to review their policies and practices for adopting Universal Design (UD) into the provision of all new developments and the management and refurbishment works for existing ones. The IPEUD are also available to advise the BCA if required on any issues relating to changes in Singapore’s National Code on Accessibility.

Four international experts, one each from the UK, USA, Japan and Spain were appointed for a period of two years.

The Terms of Reference of the IPEUD were to:

  • Review and advise on Singapore’s practices in regulating and promoting Universal Design;
  • Benchmark Singapore’s UD practices with international standards;
  • Share experiences of UD;
  • Examine technical and social challenges in regulating UD for new and existing buildings;
  • Make recommendations on future courses of action for the development of Universal Design in Singapore.

The inaugural meeting was held in March 2010 and the last meeting was held in March 2012.

Meeting in March 2012

At the IPEUD meeting on the 28th and 29th March, as well as participating in the general round-table discussions, Keith Bright delivered two presentations entitled:

“Mainstreaming Universal Design in the UK Building Regulations” and
“CEN/BT/WG 207 Project (Mandate M/420) – Accessibility in the built environment”